Project Vision

Mackenzie Health is proud to provide quality health care services to some of Canada's fastest growing communities. You can find more information about our project vision below.

Creating a World-Class Health Experience

To meet the growing health care needs of the people of Richmond Hill, Vaughan and surrounding areas, and to realize our vision to create a world-class health care experience, we have designed an exciting new two-hospital model of care.

The two-hospital model of care includes the continued enhancement of services at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and building the future Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital.

As a regional healthcare provider serving more than one million residents in southwest York Region, our two-hospital model will grow to meet our community's rapid growth over the next decade. Operating two full-service hospitals will mean increased access to services and seamless and integrated care across all sites that is efficient with single governance, leadership and clinical teams.

External pictures of Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital side by side

Smart Hospital Vision

When it opens, Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will be the first hospital in Canada featuring fully integrated smart technology systems and medical devices that can speak directly to one another to maximize information exchange and enable improved patient care.

The smart hospital vision – applied to both Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital and Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital – will create a truly connected patient experience inside and outside the hospital setting by utilizing digital communications and the Internet of Healthcare Things* to provide quality health care delivered through the eyes of the patient.

Site Service Distribution

Infographic listing core services at both hospitals and community based locations. Full description below image.

Mackenzie Health Two-Hospital Model:

  • Core Services at both hospital: Critical Care, Emergency, Laboratory, Medical and Surgical, Medical Imaging and Pharmacy
  • Services at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital: Clinics, Chronic Kidney Disease Rehabilitation and Complex Continuing Care
  • Services at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital: Integrated Stroke, Pediatrics, Mental Health and Obstetrics
  • Community-Based Health Care Services: Autism Services, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault, Dialysis, Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Services, Brain Injury, Behaviour Management and Diabetes Education

* Mackenzie Health is the registered owner of the official marks for 'Internet of Healthcare Things (IOHT)' and 'Information, Communication and Automation Technology (ICAT) Healthcare'