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Mackenzie Health by the Numbers

Learn about Mackenzie Health's patient volumes, diagnostic exam volumes, volunteer numbers and more...

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Anthony Ianni and Altaf Stationwala sitting at a table

World-Class Care Happens Here - Every Patient, Every Time

Every day at Mackenzie Health, our dedicated care providers, support staff and volunteers work hard to provide excellent quality care...

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Busy Emergency Department with two staff discussing tasks

Emergency Department

When you or a loved one need emergency care, Mackenzie Health is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week...

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Latest News

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It Takes Two poster

It Takes Two - Me and You - To Identify You

To ensure that we deliver excellent quality care to every patient, every time, Mackenzie Health launched the It Takes Two to Identify You campaign to increase awareness...

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Drawing of new unit names and areas

Finding Your Way When Moments Matter

When visiting a patient in hospital, moments matter. Whether a patient is critically ill or about to give birth, time is oft en of the essence and visitors want to get to their loved ones as quickly as possible...

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Pictures of our 4 celebrating patients event guests

Our Patients

Every day, the health care team at Mackenzie Health is inspired by the strength and perseverance of patients. Each year, we recognize some of those who have come forward to share their stories with others...

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Nurse speaking to patient with EMR information beside her

Launched First in Canada Epic End-to-End Electronic Medical Record

Over the past two years, our staff , physicians and volunteers have been working together as a team to build and implement a new electronic medical record (EMR)...

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Rendering of Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Building Canada's First Smart Hospital

During the past fi scal year, Mackenzie Health marked the largest milestone to date for the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital project with the selection of the team to design, build...

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Pharmacist speaking to a patient on a bed

Pharmacy Transformation Journey

Through a two and a half year journey, Mackenzie Health transformed its pharmacy services to help enable health care providers to provide more hands-on care and enhance patient safety...

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Group photo of the Workplace Engagement Advisory Council

A Healthy Work Environment for a Positive Healing Environment

Mackenzie Health launched a Workplace Engagement Advisory Council (WEAC) to help hear employee, physician and volunteer perspectives across...

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Group of staff members stretching


At Mackenzie Health, we recognize and believe that a happy and healthy team is a valuable asset and a critical resource to our organizational success. Happier and healthier staff members...

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Picture of four staff members

Our People

A Passion for Nursing, Putting Patients First, Maintaining Mackenzie Health and Caring for Our Community...

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Enzo Morini Chair, Board of Directors Ingrid Perry President and CEO

Together, We Are Achieving the Exceptional

Extraordinary philanthropy, leadership and partnerships were the hallmarks of the inspiring past year for Mackenzie Health Foundation and the Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign...

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Volunteer smiling, standing by the welcome desk

Volunteers Give Valuable Time for Our Community

If you have visited Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital or one of Mackenzie Health's community locations, you will most likely have come across one or more of our dedicated volunteers...

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Picture of desktop, tablet and smart phone

New Mobile-Friendly

Mackenzie Health has a new, modern-looking website, structured through the eyes of our patients and our community. Developed in collaboration with our patient and family advisors, clinical teams and subject matter experts...

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