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Gifts with a Twist


Clara Nisan, Director of Clinical Services; Joe Bumbaca, Donor, Long-term care; Erin Siberry, Admission Coordinator

A man from humble beginnings, 90-year-old Joe has always lived a life of generosity. That generosity knows no bounds when it comes to his wife Antonietta.

Four years ago, Joe’s son took Antonietta to the dentist for a root canal. As they were leaving, Joe’s son noticed that Antonietta’s face was drooping on one side and she wasn’t able to speak. Alarmed, he rushed her to the closest hospital. When Joe learned what happened, he and his other children hurried to be by Antonietta’s side. It was then that doctors gave the family the devastating news: Antonietta had suffered a massive stroke.

After some time in hospital, Antonietta’s condition had stabilized, but bringing her home just wasn’t an option for Joe. As much as he wanted to care for her on his own, he knew Antonietta needed the kind of support only a dedicated long-term care team could provide. That’s when a family friend recommended Mackenzie Health’s specialized long-term care facility. After just one visit, Joe knew it was the best place for his wife.


Joe Bumbaca, Donor, Long-term care


UniversalCare Canada Inc., Mackenzie Health's long-term care partner, provides a warm and comfortable environment for 148 residents.


Joe, Antonietta and the amazing health care team in Long-Term Care

When Antonietta first arrived at Mackenzie Health, doctors discovered she needed lifesaving surgery to remove a blood clot in her leg. The successful procedure was performed by Dr. Ali O. Fiture, a skilled vascular and general surgeon.

Joe was so pleased with the outcome that he made a $5,000 gift to Mackenzie Health Foundation in Dr. Fiture’s honour. But his generosity didn’t stop there.

Joe recently gave Mackenzie Health another $18,000: $1,000 in honour of each of the 18 staff members who are part of Antonietta’s dedicated care team. This is the same team that has also made Joe feel welcomed and supported every time he has visited his wife for the past three-and-a-half years. “They care about you, they value you and I’m thankful for them,” says Joe.


“We strive to promote a resident-centred approach and a home-like environment for our residents and families. Our compassionate and dedicated interprofessional team is proud to provide holistic resident care by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual needs of each resident and their families.”

– Clara Nisan, Director of Clinical Services/Nurse Practitioner

For Joe, giving back just comes naturally. As a boy, he always gave to the less fortunate because he knew others might need it more than him. “When I was growing up, I always felt lucky for how much good luck I experienced. Now, I’m fortunate enough to give back to others,” he says.

Joe urges others who have experienced the warmth of Mackenzie Health to make a donation as a special way to say thank you.

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