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KPMG Enterprise team in Vaughan

Saying that Moris Pilla is “all in” for Mackenzie Health might be a bit of an understatement. His commitment to improving health care in our community stretches back more than a decade, when he first began attending KPMG’s annual charity golf tournament.

“Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital was the biggest beneficiary,” he explains. “For five years we did an annual $20,000 contribution to the MRI campaign. KPMG has always encouraged us to get involved and give back.”

Those early efforts were such a success that Moris, a partner at KPMG, began looking for other impactful ways to support Mackenzie Health and its campaign to create a world-class health experience close to home. His time and experience were other critical resources he was happy to share.


Moris Pilla, Partner, KPMG Enterprise

“Five years ago I got involved with the Campaign Cabinet,” Moris says. This group of dedicated volunteers is helping to steer Mackenzie Health Foundation’s $250-million Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign, the largest community hospital fundraising campaign in Canada.

Amazingly, Moris wasn’t done yet. He engaged the KPMG team once again, tapping into the company’s culture of giving. The result was a generous $200,000 campaign pledge from the KPMG Foundation. “We’re in year three of that commitment,” he says.


“The new hospital will mean so much to everyone in the area. We all need to give back wherever we can.”

– Moris Pilla

So, where does he get his drive to give back?

For starters, Moris knows first-hand the importance of a well-supported hospital system. After a serious cycling accident in Europe, he needed to find a hospital close to home that could care for him. “I had to get accepted at a hospital in Canada,” he says. “And Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital took me back.”

But personal experience explains only part of his unwavering commitment. To Moris, pitching in to make sure we all have access to exceptional care is just the Canadian thing to do. “It’s what makes Canada what it is, the fact that we help each other when something goes wrong. That’s what makes us strong.”

As we get closer to the late 2020 opening of the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, no doubt Moris will be looking for ways to keep the momentum going. And he encourages others in York Region to do the same. “The new hospital will mean so much to everyone in the area,” he says. “We all need to give back wherever we can.”

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