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Hand washing with soup

Did You Know?

Flu fighters, brush off dementia, brain boost, births at Mackenzie Health, The truth about hats, energy drinks and health facts.

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Picture of Anne Li

Our People:
Anne Li

Fortunately at Mackenzie Health, social worker Anne Li is ready to help. "There is always someone who can use my support," she says.

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Picture of Mihai Borcan

Our People:
Mihai Borcan

Mihai Borcan, a Registered Nurse at Mackenzie Health, is excited to be part of a community hospital that is thinking big.

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Picture of Nancy Coxford

Our People:
Nancy Coxford

Five years after moving to Richmond Hill, Nancy's mother, Ruth, attended a meeting to help establish the women's auxiliary for the new hospital.

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Picture of Dr. Nick Voudouris

Our People:
Dr. Nick Voudouris

For family physician Dr. Nick Voudouris, supporting his community hospital is a critical part of providing exceptional care.

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Picture of participants and Mackenzie Health leaders


Recognizing the strength and perseverance of patients and their families

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Patient registering at a kiosk

Transforming Patient Care

Mackenzie Health's new electronic medical record makes health care better -- and easier -- for everyone

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Rendering of Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital


Upon completion in 2020, the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital will deliver on our commitment to provide an excellent patient experience and deliver quality, safe care.

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Picture of the Longo family

Longo Legacy

The family-owned grocery chain continues its long-standing tradition of philanthropy through a $1-million gift to Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

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Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at and Mackenzie Health leaders holding up cheque with generous pledge

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada Makes a Generous Pledge

Giving charity, or zakat, is a basic tenet of the Islamic faith, a principle that is exemplified in a most exceptional way by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at (AMJ) Canada.

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Picture of May Loo and husband

the Page

May Loo overcame a devasting diagnosis to reclaim her health and a positive outlook on life.

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Woman with her hand on her head with a look of suffering


Whether you suffer from migraines or headaches, here are smart tactics for treating and preventing them.

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