Pediatric Inpatient Unit

Mackenzie Health is dedicated to providing expert, up to date care for babies and children from birth to 17 years of age.

Many of our pediatricians have subspecialty training and expertise in the fields of neonatology (newborn and premature babies), nephrology (kidney), neurology, allergy and behavioural pediatrics. The Pediatric Department is a designated teaching site for University of Toronto medical students.

What happens when a child is admitted to Pediatrics?

Children seen in the Emergency Department may have an illness severe enough to require admission to hospital for further evaluation and treatment. The Pediatrician on call would be requested to evaluate the child and decide if admission to hospital is appropriate. Children requiring admission are admitted to the unit on D-wing, 4th floor, and children with infectious illnesses are admitted to a private room. As a parent you are welcome and encouraged to stay with your child. Overnight accommodations are provided on comfortable sleepers.

Your child will be cared for by the pediatric team which consists of a pediatrician, pediatric nurses, and medical students. In addition, the pediatric team consists of respiratory therapists, and physiotherapists, and consultation with surgical specialties is also available if required. The Pediatrician on the pediatric ward provides continuity of service throughout the admission. Daily rounds by the pediatric team occur between 8-11 am, and parents are encouraged to participate and ask questions about their child's care. In case of any emergency after hours, there is always a pediatrician on call and available.

What Happens after discharge?

Prior to going home, the pediatric team will review 'return to day care and school guidelines' to determine if any special instructions are required.

In the event medications are required when leaving, we will review the instructions with you before going home. A follow up with your child's family physician or pediatrician is encouraged and a report of the hospitalization will be faxed to them, to maintain the continuity of care.

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Pediatric Inpatient Unit
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