Respiratory Syncytial Virus Clinic

Mackenzie Health is pleased to offer a Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Prevention Clinic.

RSV is common during the winter months. Most children are infected with RSV during their childhood, but usually experience only mild cold-like symptoms. Occasionally however, the virus can cause serious infections of the airways of the lungs, called bronchiolitis, which can require hospitalization and may even be life-threatening.

Babies born premature or with certain lung, heart or genetic conditions are at increased risk of severe bronchiolitis. Although no consistently successful treatment has been discovered for bronchiolitis, there is a special immunization called palivizumab (or Synagis) that significantly reduces the risk of severe bronchiolitis. Because of its high cost (approximately $5,000) to the Ministry of Health, this immunization is tightly controlled, and only given to babies who are at especially high risk of serious complications. This treatment is usually given to babies at specialized, regional clinics around the province.

At the Mackenzie Health, we offer a RSV Prevention Clinic which provides palivizumab to our most vulnerable babies and children. This specialized clinic is run by our Neonatologist and Nurse Coordinators, and designed to provide timely and reliable access to the immunization.

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