What is it?

This page will provide you with information regarding what our Inclusion and Diversity program is and how it impacts the community.

Inclusion, Diversity & Beyond

The reach of Mackenzie Health is far and we are committed to forming a safe and respectful culture that transcends the walls of our hospitals and community-based locations. To better understand the program and its impact for everyone in our community, it’s important to remember what these terms actually mean:

Inclusion: Accepting, respecting and embracing our global community of staff, volunteers, physicians, patients and families. By creating an inclusive environment, we will ensure every person feels safe, welcomed and valued.

Diversity: The commitment to respect internal, external, and personality differences and similarities between every member of our community. This means respect for and awareness of various forms of diversity including race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic, cognitive and physical abilities, health status, belief systems and age.

By focusing on inclusion and diversity, we are ensuring that our hospitals and community-based service network will meet the needs of our community today and into the coming years. With the Vaughan, Richmond Hill and King City areas growing at a rapid pace and bringing people from many different backgrounds and experiences into our community, we want to make sure we provide the tools for everyone to learn, embrace and understand each other.

Are you ready to get involved? Take a look at our Learning, Wellness & Inclusion Academy Calendar to see upcoming events and programs to join, or reach out to the Inclusion and Diversity Program Committee to see what’s next in the program.