Pursuit of Wellness

Welcome to the Pursuit of Wellness, an initiative for staff, physicians and volunteers at Mackenzie Health. As an organization committed to continued improvement, we encourage you to discover the tools, information and support available here so you can set out on your journey to wellness

With programs and events designed to enhance your professional skills, manage stress, make healthier choices and create a better work-life balance, you will be able to strive for a happier and healthier you. Our Learning and Wellness Academy features information about current courses, events and workshops, so be sure to check regularly for updates.

Dare to be a better you by participating in the Wellness Program. Be proactive about your health and your career by creating your own program. Everyone is different, so you have the opportunity to customize your own wellness journey based on your needs and goals by choosing to take part in fitness initiatives, social events, mindfulness workshops or even joining us for massage therapy sessions. Ready to learn more? Check out our Journey to Wellness page for information about the activities and workshops available to you.

The Wellness Program provides opportunities to enhance your wellness in all aspects of your life, with each one having a positive impact on your work satisfaction, friendships, and self-worth, including:

You spend a lot of time at work, so it's important that you feel valued, find satisfaction and commitment with your work at Mackenzie Health. With our Kudos Program, we aim to recognize staff members that go above and beyond to create the best possible experience for patients, co-workers and other members of the community. Career opportunities are posted and consultation with Human Resources is available. Watch for our professional development sessions!

Taking care of your emotional needs can be challenging, but it's important to learn to recognize and express emotions, whether it's fear, anger, sadness or joy. Doing so can help boost your confidence, manage stress and improve resiliency. With programs like mindfulness, meditation, stress management and relaxation techniques, you will be well prepared to look after your internal self. Another important part of your emotional wellness is work-life balance. It's key to find a good balance that works for you, and feel supported to prevent burnout, struggle with productivity or become overwhelmed.

Looking after your physical health has enormous benefits for your overall health, as well as your mood, stress levels and productivity. Simple actions like walking, taking the stairs or just getting up from your desk to stretch for a moment can be beneficial. It can help you lose weight, gain some energy and even prevent injuries. Some opportunities to check out are Weight Watchers, Pilates/Yoga classes, fitness membership and our Stretch Break program.

Being part of the Mackenzie Health community is a great way to look after yourself. It provides an outlet for you to socialize with your co-workers on a more personal level and participate in fun activities. We have created a Fun Committee to organize and host interesting events, so you can get to know your co-workers a little better, have some fun and enjoy some great food. With BBQs, Dances, Ice Cream Trucks, Pumpkin Carving and an International Food Festival, there is something for everyone.

Did you know that our Spiritual Care team organizes many programs to support your Spiritual Wellness? We hold events in the main atrium to celebrate significant religious holidays, which often include guest speakers, opportunities for worship and sampling of food. These events are a way for staff members to discover and explore spiritual opportunities in life, exemplify values and create an inclusive environment for everyone.

If you want more information about our Wellness Program and how to make the most of it, please email wellness@mackenziehealth.ca.

Are you ready to get started? Take a look at our Learning & Wellness Academy to see all of our upcoming events, meetings and workshops or visit Journey to Wellness for information about each opportunity.