Compassionate care during a stressful time – Salvatore’s trip to the Emergency Department

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Compassionate care during a stressful time – Salvatore’s trip to the Emergency Department

Patient Spotlight

Like many parents in our community, Claudio and Monia experienced first-hand what it’s like to have a child fall ill during the ongoing spike of respiratory illnesses being seen across Ontario. Their four-year-old son, Salvatore, had many of the common symptoms: prolonged coughing, stuffy nose and fever.

 By the third day, despite their efforts to care for Salvatore at home and with his condition not improving, they made the choice to bring Salvatore to the Emergency Department at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital. They had heard all the news about long wait times and understaffing in Emergency Departments across the province, but none of that mattered. Their child was sick and they needed help.

Upon arriving at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital that evening their anxiety grew. “After parking I was walking towards the doors and I noticed some staff who must have just finished their shift. They looked exhausted,” recalls Claudio. But walking through those doors, the scared family found great relief. “There were a lot of people in the waiting area but they were being called quickly. The staff member that greeted us and did the initial registration was extremely friendly, polite and professional. I could tell they really cared about my son.”  

Salvatore was soon seen by Brian, a registered nurse, who put the family at ease attentively listening to their history and beginning the examination. Despite how busy Brian was he made the time to make sure that Salvatore was properly cared for joking with him and helping the family relax.

“Brian's personality was larger than life. We could hear his voice from the corridor calling on other patients while we were approaching the Inside Waiting Area,” Tells Claudio. “He soon called out my son's name when it was his turn and his entire approach seemed as if he knew my son all of his life.  He comported himself like a family member who was so delighted to see Salvatore. This type of mannerism is not taught but rather genuine and innate.  My son just wanted to give him a big hug as Brian made him feel so comfortable despite his illness.”

Shortly after their visit with Brian, Dr. Goodman arrived to continue the examination and to order x-rays. When this was complete, Dr. Goodman made his diagnosis and provided a course of treatment to the family’s great relief. “Both Brian and Dr. Goodman made our visit a positive one. We walked into the hospital very nervous and worried for our child. We left feeling well taken care of by wonderful staff at an amazing hospital,” tells Claudio.

Through these difficult times in our health care system, the staff at Mackenzie Health continue to see patients like Salvatore every day providing the best care to our community. Thank you to our incredible staff like Brian and Dr. Goodman for continued dedication and perseverance. Your patients and their families see you and appreciate everything you do.