Diana’s story

Picture of Diana standing by a window in ICUReceiving care at a hospital as a child can be a nerve-racking experience, but for Diana it was an eye-opening event, leading her to a successful career in health care. The compassion and comfort she received from her nurse at that time inspired Diana to dream of a job where she can support others on their health journey and make a positive impact on people’s lives.  

Diana never gave up on that dream. In 2016, she began her nursing career at Mackenzie Health as a registered nurse in the medicine unit and is currently working in the intensive care unit (ICU) caring for our COVID-19 patients.

“I like being a part of the friendly atmosphere at Mackenzie Health,” says Diana.” I am grateful to be surrounded by a hardworking and knowledgeable team.”

Like many health care workers during this global pandemic, Diana has gone above and beyond every day to answer the call. She plays many roles in her patients’ health journey to recovery.

 “I am the voice and advocate for my patients when they are unable to speak for themselves,” says Diana. “I am their educator when conducting health teaching. I am their counsellor when providing emotional support. I am the liaison between the patient and the health care team, and much more.” 

Diana cannot forget the first COVID-19 patient that came through our doors. Linda Lam became infected with COVID-19 after returning from a vacation oversees.

“This virus was new to all of us at that time, but we all bravely took turns caring for her,” says Diana. “I had the privilege of taking care of Linda before she was intubated. And when she was transferred out of the ICU, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that I played a role in her recovery.”

Each day, Diana makes sure that every interaction she has with her patients is met with compassion, empathy and understanding. Attending to her patients’ needs, holding their hands while they take their last breath, comforting them when their families cannot be present and keeping families connected during this challenging time is part of the reason why she became a nurse.  

We are extremely proud of the impact that nurses like Diana make on the lives of our community members every day.

And to her fellow nurses, Diana says: “Continue to do the job you love even in the face of uncertainty. We are all in this together.”