Leader$100K - $249K

The Laurence Corporation

Estate of Stanley George Leno

Estate of Gladys Irene Leslie

Lexus of Richmond Hill

Lindvest Properties Limited

Bruno and Anna Lisi & Family

Robert and Lucy Lisi & Family

Donald and Anna Little

Manfred and Renate Lupke,

Estate of Anne MacHaffie

Madison Group

Maple Drywall Inc.,
The Bucci Family

Norbert and Clara Marocco & Family

Marshall Funeral Home Inc.

Marzilli Family, Decor-Rest Furniture Ltd.

Masters Insurance Ltd.

Leo and Helen McArthur Family

Estate of Hugh F. McConaghy

Estate of Marjorie McKelvey

Estate of Gladys McLatchy

Peter and Virginia McLaughlin

Estate of Dr. Donald McMurchy

Estate of Julia McRae

A. McTaggart

Medisystem Pharmacy Limited

Dr. Bill Butler Promotes Culture of Generosity in Retirement
Leading by Example to Support the Future of Excellence at Mackenzie Health
The Impact of Practicing Philanthropy