Meet Sally

Sally has been volunteering at Mackenzie Health Foundation since 2022, but her connection to Mackenzie Health spans over 25 years. Since immigrating to Canada in 1991, Sally’s commitment to giving back through volunteering has been an important part of her life, filling her with pride and a sense of purpose.  

 "Volunteering at Mackenzie Health Foundation makes me feel happy, fulfilled and inspired.” 

 The emergency and palliative services at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital are where Sally began sharing her time. As her passion for volunteering grew, Sally joined the Volunteer Association, holding several leadership positions, including President, where she led and inspired others through their volunteer journey at Mackenzie Health. Now, Sally gives her time to Mackenzie Health Foundation, helping behind-the-scenes with donation collection, stewardship and more – an important role that helps us continue to fulfill our mission. “Giving back to the community through volunteering instills pride in an individual. I love helping people and feel my efforts are helping to accomplish some good,” she shares. 

Not only has Sally’s gift of time left a meaningful mark on our organization, but her commitment has also led to honourable achievements, including receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Government of Canada, the Leading Women Award and more.  

Volunteering has allowed Sally to meet and spend time with others who share a similar passion, all while helping uplift and support Mackenzie Health Foundation. 

You can volunteer your time, just like Sally, and make a meaningful impact on health care in our community. Learn more and sign up today.