The spirit of generosity defines the Hussain family’s legacy. Atta Hussain is a devoted father and grandfather not only for his own family but also for many local and international Islamic communities. This includes his desire to support the best in education, religious learning, feeding the hungry, access to community supports and now the ultimate in health care. Mr. Hussain’s gift to fund the Airborne Isolation Room in the Pediatric Inpatient Unit at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will support families through some of life’s most poignant moments — from pregnancy and delivery to neonatal and pediatric care.

“We are living in this world not for ourselves but for others. My lifelong commitment is to help people. When you have children and grandchildren, you’re always thinking about how you can support families that need it the most,” said Mr. Hussain, head of the Al-Hussain Foundation, a non-profit organization that includes the Al-Hussain Mosque and Janatt Wadi Al-Salaam Cemetery. His Foundation, the Al-Hussain Foundation, is continuously working to provide support to the community.

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