Cultivating our culture of generosity

As both a donor and physician, Dr. Steven Youssoufian feels a strong sense of responsibility towards Mackenzie Health. “If you have the opportunity to lead, you absolutely should,” he says. As the Chief and Medical Director of Mental Health at Mackenzie Health, Dr. Youssoufian has been working tirelessly to establish Mackenzie Health as a leader in mental health care since joining the hospital in 2012. For Dr. Youssoufian, leadership also includes philanthropy.

“My family and I live in this community, so Mackenzie Health is my hospital too. I give to make sure every patient receives the very best care in an environment that supports their recovery.” In addition to a financial contribution made to the Ultimate campaign, Dr. Youssoufian gives his time to speak at fundraising events on behalf of Mackenzie Health Foundation.

In early 2020, Dr. Youssoufian delivered heartfelt remarks to guests of Caruso: A Musical Tribute to Fabio Iannello. The event raised $30,000 in support of the new Mental Health Unit at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital. The state-of-the-art Mental Health Inpatient Unit at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will transform the patient experience. “Our team is equipped with mental health expertise and the new Mental Health Inpatient Unit will enhance our ability to support someone in crisis. Patients will have the right space to give them the best chance at managing their mental illness and recovery with family by their side.”

Always leading by example, Dr. Youssoufian hopes his philanthropic efforts will encourage fellow physicians and staff to contribute to the growing Culture of Generosity at Mackenzie Health. “If community members see that people on the inside of Mackenzie Health are giving back, my hope is that it will inspire them to give as well.”