Halloween Magic for a Cause

We want to thank Chris Ainsworth for his annual Thornhill Woods Haunted House that raised $61,724 for Mackenzie Health Foundation. Since 2004, he has been turning his home into a spooky spectacle, complete with a detailed cemetery and a walk-through haunted house. We're convinced he has a PhD in Halloween magic - it's like a horror movie set brought to life!

But it's not just about the frights and the screams; it's about the heart that beats beneath the scares. His commitment to raising funds for Mackenzie Health Foundation is truly spooktacular. We want to extend our deepest thanks to Chris Ainsworth for his tireless efforts in making Halloween such a memorable and fun-filled event.

A tip of the witch's hat to you, Chris Ainsworth, for being the Halloween hero we never knew we needed! We're counting down the days until next October when your haunted house reign of terror resumes.

Remember, hosting a community event doesn't have to be a grand affair. Small gestures can make a big impact too! Whether it's a neighborhood clean-up, a charity bake sale, or a simple get-together to support a cause you're passionate about, every effort counts. If you're inspired to organize your own event, there are countless ways to get involved. Contact us for more information.

Let's make a difference, one community event at a time!