Leading by example to support the future of excellence at mackenzie health

Dr. Kogon with a hospital hallway behind himDr. Kogon takes pride in being a husband, father and surgeon. He donates to Mackenzie Health to thank the community for allowing him to achieve his life goals. “I consider myself blessed in many ways,” he says. “Philanthropy is an opportunity to genuinely contribute to the various communities that have helped me get to where I am today.”

He also believes that with Mackenzie Health entering a new era, now is the time to take part in the growth of the organization. Giving back can help bring new ideas to life.

Dr. Kogon and his team are currently working towards making some of their innovative ideas a reality. “As we move forward to a second site, new possibilities are on the horizon,” he says. With two hospitals, he thinks Mackenzie Health is in a good position to offer improved multidisciplinary stone and urologic cancer care and bring in advanced technology that would lead to better health outcomes. “We have achievable goals that will provide great value to our community.”

On top of being the Division Head of Urology, Dr. Kogon is also a member of Mackenzie Health’s Emerging Leaders, a group of professionals who volunteer their time to help generate support from the community. He feels it’s important for the community to see that physicians and staff are personally committed to improving care at Mackenzie Health, whether through monetary gifts, volunteerism or otherwise.

Dr. Kogon hopes that even more staff will support Mackenzie Health because contributions impact the work they do every day. “I truly believe that our organization’s Culture of Generosity is part of what will enable us to achieve excellence,” he explains. “We all play a role in building an organization we can be proud of.”