There are moments in life that change everything.

Our journey might seem steady, straight, predictable, and then out of nowhere, something happens. The plans change. Sometimes the change is bright and beautiful. A new job, a baby, an unexpected night out where you meet your soulmate. Other times, it’s sharp and painful.

That’s how it was for Angela Scarangella, not once but twice. Two moments, one major shift in perspective that prompted her to update her will and leave a portion of her estate to several different health care organizations, including Mackenzie Health Foundation.

First, the retired teacher lost her father after a brief illness. He had lived a long and wonderful life, but of course, that didn’t make it any easier to lose him. Then, shortly after, another close family member fell ill. The news shattered her world.

“Over the last few months, I spent so much time in hospitals,” says Angela. “It really made me realize how important health care is and how important it is to have these amazing health care experts taking care of the people within the community.”

While reflecting over the past two years, Angela’s voice dropped softly.

“I just don’t know how to say thank you enough to everyone who took care of my father during those days, or all the nurses and doctors who took care of my sick family member,” she pauses slightly.  “These people, these health care workers, they’re angels, that’s what they are. They’re so dedicated and we wouldn’t be able to go on without them.”

It was important for Angela to acknowledge the hospital’s commitment to care and keep the momentum moving for generations to come.

“I had to pay it forward. All the care we received, in my own special way, I had to show my thanks. Maybe what I leave and what other people leave can help buy part of a machine or equipment. If everyone does their part, small things can add up and make a big impact.”