The impact of practicing philanthropy

Dr. Matilda NgDr. Matilda Ng has been practicing philanthropy for as long as she’s been practicing medicine. Influenced by the charitable nature of her late physician husband, Dr. Ng has been moved to support the organizations she believes in strongly but none more so than the place where she has dedicated her life’s work for 35 years: Mackenzie Health.

“My husband was a real animal lover and could never refuse a request to donate to those charities,” she says with a smile.  “We also support other charities, particularly Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, Hill House Hospice — but my donation to Mackenzie Health was definitely the largest.”

Although she believes philanthropy can be complicated, for Dr. Ng the primary reason is very personal: to honour the memory of her late husband who passed away nine years ago. Coincidentally, Dr. Ng’s sister had the same thought about honouring the memory of their parents who had both been patients at Mackenzie Health.

“My situation at the time didn’t allow me to think too much, adjusting to being a single parent and moving our lives forward. But my sister brought up the idea recently, and we both knew it was the right idea, and the right time.”

Although the humble and normally quiet doctor is hesitant about the attention, Dr. Ng’s philosophy to give back when you can will help to strengthen Mackenzie Health’s Culture of Generosity.

“I made this donation coming from my heart. I believe this will encourage others to do something similar, as we should be thankful that as Canadians we have free access to comprehensive health care. When you give, you don’t expect to have something in return but it may be returned to you some day, somehow without you even knowing.”