No matter the circumstances Mackenzie Health nurses answer the call

Rozeny (Jing) Argus standing in a hallway at Cortellucci Vaughan HospitalRozeny (Jing), Registered Practical Nurse at Mackenzie Health embodies the definition of an exceptional nurse. A staff member since 2008, Jing has made an impact on every single patient she’s cared for and every colleague she’s worked with.

With her excellent clinical skills and innate soft skills, Jing makes her unit feel like a home away from home for our patients. Her hard work, passion for her job and commitment to providing the best care possible to our patients make her an invaluable member of the Mackenzie Health team. 

“Jing goes above and beyond the call of duty to treat every patient holistically and makes sure their needs are met,” says Melissa, Patient Care Manager, General Surgery at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital.  “It’s no surprise our patients and their families love her and specifically ask for her for the provision of their care.”

One of Jing’s many positive traits is her ability to build strong relationships with our patients and their families. She has a genuine interest in getting to know her patients and striking up meaningful conversations that will most often brighten someone’s day.

“Not long ago, I was in the nursing station and overheard Jing in a patient room chatting and laughing with the patient and the family member – they sounded like old friends,” says Melissa.  “I heard the family member proclaim that she hasn’t seen her mom smile and laugh like this in three months.”

Jing, like so many of our nurses at Mackenzie Health, is diligent, kind-hearted and hard-working, goes above and beyond for her patients. She brings humour and warmth to the care she provides to patients, and she helps to motivate them to get out of bed to eat their lunch or take a shower when they are not feeling motivated to do so. She has mastered excellent bedside manner.

“As a nurse, care and compassion is integral for health care,” says Jing. “I want the community to know that I will go above and beyond to care for their family member. I will give 100 per cent of myself to ensure their emotional, mental and physical needs are met.”  

Jing models our mission, vision and values every single day. At Mackenzie Health we pride ourselves on having a very positive and supportive culture and Jing is a major contributor to creating a world-class health care experience for our patient, their families and communities. Nurses are at the heart of health care and no matter the circumstances they answer the call.