Ultimate Care Providers

Each and every day, Mackenzie Health's physicians go above and beyond to provide the ultimate in care to our community. They do so while also strengthening Mackenzie Health's Culture of Generosity and donating to the Ultimate campaign — demonstrating their firm belief in our organization and the importance of supporting its future. Here's just a few of those Mackenzie Health heroes and the reasons behind their act of generosity.

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For almost 40 years, Dr. Bill Butler called Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital home. In the summer of 1981 Dr. Butler joined the Mackenzie Health Department of Anesthesia and in early 2020, he made the difficult decision to retire his scrubs.

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As both a donor and physician, Dr. Steven Youssoufian feels a strong sense of responsibility towards Mackenzie Health. “If you have the opportunity to lead, you absolutely should,” he says.

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Dr. Kogon takes pride in being a husband, father and surgeon. He donates to Mackenzie Health to thank the community for allowing him to achieve his life goals. “I consider myself blessed in many ways,” he says. “Philanthropy is an opportunity to genuinely contribute to the various communities that have helped me get to where I am today.”

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Dr. Matilda Ng has been practicing philanthropy for as long as she’s been practicing medicine. Influenced by the charitable nature of her late physician husband, Dr. Ng has been moved to support the organizations she believes in strongly but none more so than the place where she has dedicated her life’s work for 35 years: Mackenzie Health.

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