Volunteer and Community Resources

Volunteers at Mackenzie Health play an integral role in providing a world- class patient experience.

All of our placements are developed from the lens of improving the patient experience. Volunteers are placed where we feel they will provide the most support to patients and visitors. Whether volunteers are assisting with wayfinding, registration, recreation or providing bedside visits, their role is to help provide the best possible experience.

Year-Round Program

Adult and Student applications are accepted on an ongoing basis as needed throughout the year. Please note that we expect a commitment from all our volunteers (Students & Adults) to one shift on a weekly basis from September until the end of June. 

Successful applicants will be contacted for a virtual interview up to 3 weeks after receipt of their application. If you have not received a follow-up after 3 weeks, please consider reapplying to our volunteer program in 6 months. 

Summer Program (University Students- May to beginning September, High School Students- July to beginning September)

The Summer Program is a great opportunity for students who are unable to commit to weekly shifts during the school year. As our summer program is short, we encourage our applicants to ensure that they are available for a weekly shift all summer. If you are planning on being away for more than 2-weeks, please consider applying for the year-round program or the following summer program.

The recruitment period for the Summer Program is typically in March/April. The volunteer website will be updated with specific dates closer to that time.

High School CO-OP Program

If you are seeking a Co-op Program opportunity, please see your guidance department at school.

Please see the Volunteer Portal Homepage for more details.

Volunteer Application

Mackenzie Health welcomes volunteers from all walks of life. We are looking for people who demonstrate professionalism and are able to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for our patients and families. Mackenzie Health volunteers value excellence, leadership and compassion. They are inclusive, collaborative and are accountable for their actions. If you think you would like to join this amazing team, we would be happy to speak with you.

Required screenings (upon successfully completing the initial interview) include:

  • Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Health Screening (Tuberculosis Screening, Immunity Screening for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination) - Volunteer's cost will vary based on their personal physician's fee schedule
  • Completion of online education courses as assigned by Mackenzie Health
  • $30 purchase for uniform & badge before beginning their volunteer placement

What Should You Consider before Applying?

Please note that students must have completed Grade 9 in order to begin volunteering. Students currently in Grade 9 may submit an application for the summer program as long as they expect to be going into Grade 10 in the following school year.

When preparing an application, please consider your ability to fully commit to the program and the patients at Mackenzie Health. We enforce a very high standard for attendance and punctuality. Volunteers in this program must be able to maintain their commitment to their volunteer placement even during periods of heavy school workload and exams. Students with a heavy course load or a large number of extra-curricular activities may wish to wait to apply for the summer program.

Mackenzie Health is a dynamic environment in which volunteer placements across multiple departments and sites change frequently. We look forward to discussing opportunities with you to ensure the best match for you and the hospital.

Important: Not all placements are available at any given time and there may be specific attributes required by a volunteer to fulfill some placements.

Critical Care Opportunities

Volunteers are strategically placed to create a calm and welcoming environment in critical care areas such as Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and Urgent Care Centre. These placements are open to post secondary students and adults.

Out Patient and Visitor Support Opportunities

Volunteers support patients and family members from throughout their visit in Registration, Clinic and Imaging Waiting Rooms, at Information Desks and throughout the hospital to provide wayfinding and escorting.

Hospital Operations Support Opportunities

Volunteers support hospital departments and operations not directly involved in patient care. Volunteers offer clerical support in areas such as, Seniors’ Wellness, Financial Services and Health Information Services.

Long Term Care Opportunities

Volunteers support our long term care (Universalcare) residents with friendly visits, mealtime assistance and recreational activities (movies, bingo, trivia, music, coffee and fresh air). Volunteers also assist with recreational activities for Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients at the Reactivation Care Centre.

St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program

We welcome certified St. John Ambulance Pet Therapy Volunteers. To have your pet certified, contact the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program and let them know you are interested in Mackenzie Health.

Mackenzie Health Volunteer Association (MHVA)

MHVA is a self-governed organization dedicated to supporting Mackenzie Health through fundraising and service. Throughout the year, MHVA holds fundraising events such as the International Food Festival, Promenade Mall Holiday Gift Wrap, and numerous other events. The MHVA also operates the White Rose Gift Shop which is staffed by volunteers. For more information, please see our page MHVA on the Mackenzie Health website.

Mackenzie Health Foundation

The Foundation often requires volunteers to support one-day fundraising events. To volunteer for the Foundation, please visit MHF by clicking here.

White Rose Gift Shop Opportunities

While sometimes difficult to relate the role of retail to the patient experience, the gift shop volunteer has the opportunity and the responsibility to provide an exceptional retail experience. By providing an exceptional experience, volunteers may help to reduce the stress of staff and the anxiety of waiting patients or families. The gift shop is a great place to gain valuable retail experience and to improve customer service skills. As well, with every dollar raised by the retail volunteer, patients and families benefit from the ability of the hospital to purchase more life-saving equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mackenzie Health volunteer portal

No, secondary school students must complete the entire school year or summer program to have their hours validated.

  • Secondary School Students - apply through the co-op office at your school. Your school will forward us your application.
  • Professional and Allied Health Placements - students or their placement coordinator should contact our Professional Practice Office at 905-883-1212 x7595.

We ask that you commit one shift per week for a minimum of 2 - 4 hours. We recognize that you have other commitments and occasionally have to take time off. We require that you let us know if you will be taking time off. Volunteers who do not log any hours in a month and have not contacted us are considered resigned and their position is offered to a new volunteer.

Our vacancy list changes on a daily basis. When we invite you in for an interview, we will discuss our current vacancies and try to find something that matches your interest. If you have a very specific interest, you should indicate this on your application. Please understand that we are not always able to place fulfill your request for a placement.

Once you have been offered a volunteer position, you are requested to provide us with a Vulnerable Sector Screening that costs $30 (subject to change at the discretion of the local police services) and a Health Screening form (fees may be associated at the discretion of the physician/clinic)​. You are also required to make a $30 purchase for the volunteer uniform & badge. We are pleased to offer complimentary parking for our volunteers during their scheduled shifts.

We welcome volunteers with a background in health care but volunteer roles are specific and do not offer an opportunity for you to practice your professional skills. Your role will provide you with an opportunity to experience a Canadian health care environment but will not provide you with an opportunity to practice or develop clinical or technical skills.

We have placements where volunteers spend a great deal of time speaking with patients and families. For safety reasons, volunteers must be able to understand and speak English with a high level of competency. If you are just learning to speak English, we suggest that you take ESL classes before applying for a volunteer position. You will be required to demonstrate your understanding at the interview. Competency in additional languages is considered an asset.

Yes, anyone can apply for paid employment by visiting the Careers section on our website, however volunteering at the hospital does not guarantee that you will receive a paid position.