Inclusion & Diversity Program

At the core of Mackenzie Health is the community of staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and family members. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that is inclusive and diverse for the entire community. 

Inclusion and diversity logoWith our Inclusion and Diversity Program, we have found new ways to celebrate the differences that make our community and our organization so great. With initiatives like spiritual and diversity events, guest speakers, an abundance of resources and new training programs, you will have the support to make a positive change for you, your peers and visitors of the hospital.

The Inclusion and Diversity Program will provide you with the tools to rethink the way we communicate, interpret, relate and form decisions – tools that will support you as we evolve to a two-hospital model of care and continue to support and care for our diverse and growing communities. By learning about different cultural backgrounds, practising active listening and keeping an open mind, we can elevate the culture within Mackenzie Health to one where everyone can feel safe and welcome.

Take time to learn with us and see how great our future will be when we all feel safe and welcome.

Are you ready to get involved? Take a look at our Learning and Wellness Academy Calendar to see upcoming events and programs to join, or reach out to the Inclusion and Diversity Program Committee to see what’s next in the program.