On the Spot Kudos

For those times that a team member goes out of their way to provide additional support, takes initiative on a project or shows their dedication to safety, take a moment to recognize their contribution and celebrate their efforts right away.

About On the Spot Kudos

On the Spot Kudos is a casual and immediate way for you to recognize an individual or a team. To ensure effective and meaningful recognition, try following these guidelines - be timely, specific and authentic.

We want to make sure that when you see something great, you let the person know quickly. The faster you can provide positive feedback, the more it will be appreciated. While it's nice to be told "Good Job!", we want you to be specific. Don't be afraid to let them know how much you appreciate them. Take time to share your feelings and be sincere about their impact.

If someone consistently goes above and beyond, you can also nominate them for an Annual Kudos Award.

Getting Started

Giving an On the Spot Kudos is easier than ever before. Next time you experience a staff, physician or volunteer of Mackenzie Health doing something great - give them an On the Spot Kudos e-card.

The On the Spot Kudos e-card is available whenever you need it. Simply click on one of the four e-cards below, fill in the email information of the individual or team that you want to give kudos to, type your recognition message and click send. It's that easy.

Start by selecting an image below:

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Send your message to kudos@mackenziehealth.ca if you don't have the recipient's email address and we'll ensure it reaches them.

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