Two woman students in scrubs smiling, and with a hospital hallway behind them

Our Hospital provides excellent opportunities for students who are training to become medical professionals. 

It's easy to spot our students in the halls of Mackenzie Health, but in our offices, labs, imaging departments and kitchen, we have hard-working students getting hands-on experience. While we are of the belief that all our staff are lifelong learners, we know students need more opportunities to get real world experience. Whether it is in clinical and non-clinical areas, we provide students with the chance to learn from our dedicated staff and continue our legacy of providing impeccable service.

Student placement opportunities can include but are not limited to Nursing, Medical Imaging, Pharmacy, Office Administration and Food Services, with the possibility to work in a specialty or practice in different areas.

While our jobs are usually posted in the spring where all students can apply, we have previously participated in the Canada Summer Jobs program and have partnerships with: