After Surgery

After your surgery, you will need time to recover. You will not be able to return to your usual activities immediately, but we do encourage you to walk and do the post-surgery exercises that you will be given.

Continue your exercises until you feel well enough or have your doctor's permission to do other activities.

You will receive a prescription for pain medication. We encourage you to take these medications to keep your pain under control.

Your surgeon will make an appointment for you to follow up with their office or in one of our clinics. This appointment will be to assess your progress in healing from your surgery.

Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital

10 Trench St.
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4Z3
Local to Richmond Hill: 905-883-1212
Local to Vaughan: 905-832-4554
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Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

3200 Major Mackenzie Dr W
Vaughan ON L6A 4Z3
Local from Vaughan: 905-417-2000
Local from Richmond Hill: 905-883-1212
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