Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Mackenzie Health is pleased to provide Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with a scheduled appointment.

What is an MRI?

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan is a test that uses magnetic fields, magnetic gradients and radio waves. During the test, loud noises occur as the machine is working to produce images. An MRI does not use radiation.

The results from the test will be used by your physician to provide a diagnosis or to see how well you’ve responded to treatment.

Referring a patient

A completed MRI requisition form must be completed by a physician for patients to be referred for an MRI at Mackenzie Health.

Please ensure the requisition form includes the referring physician’s information and signature, patient information, patient’s clinical history, RENAL risk factors and safety screening information.

To obtain a copy of the MRI requisition form, visit the referral and consent forms page. Physician offices can fax a patient MRI requisition form to 905-883-2043.

How do I receive my appointment date and time?

A representative from Mackenzie Health’s Scheduling Office will call you three to five days after they receive your completed referral with your:

  • Appointment date, time and location
  • Arrival time
  • Associated preparation instructions for the test

A few days before your appointment, you will receive an automated phone reminder where you can confirm or cancel your appointment through the automated system. MyChart users will receive an e-mail reminder of their upcoming appointment.

You can also log in to MyChart to view appointment dates/times, confirm your upcoming appointments and complete the pre-registration process using the eCheck-In service.

If you receive a voicemail from the  Scheduling Office, please call 905-883-1212 ext. 2004 from Richmond Hill or 905-417-2000 ext. 2004 from Vaughan to complete a safety screening questionnaire and complete the pre-registration process.

How do I prepare for an MRI?

You will receive a reminder notification a few days prior to your scheduled appointment. Please ensure you confirm or cancel through the automated system.

Arrival times vary depending on your appointment type. At the time of booking, patients will be advised by the Scheduling Office on their arrival time.

  • Please follow any preparations provided at the point of scheduling
  • Bring your valid health card
  • A reminder, Mackenzie Health is a scent-free environment
  • Please be advised, for safety reasons we do not encourage family members to join patients in the MRI space
  • You will be advised to change into a hospital gown
  • You might need to get shaved for better leads placements and reading
  • Remove all jewelry prior to your MRI appointment 

If you require a prescription for anxiety or claustrophobia please speak with your referring physician prior to your appointment. Mackenzie Health does not dispense any medication on-site.

How long does a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan take?

Depending on the type of test you have, it may range from 20 to 45 minutes.

Will there be an injection? Why do I need it?

In certain circumstances the test may require an injection with an MRI dye called Gadolinium. For some tests, the MRI dye is required for more definitive results.

Why am I being called back to the hospital?

At times, we may need to take additional views with an injection to have better and more definitive results.

I have two MRI appointments, why can't I have both done at the same time. Why Do I have to come back for another appointment?

An MRI may take up to 45 minutes and can be challenging for some patients to remain still for a long period of time. Therefore, we recommend to our patients to schedule separate appointments if there is a request for more than one area to be scanned and tested.

How do I reschedule my appointment?

Given the high demand for MRI scans, you may be asked to wait several months for the next available appointment time if you need to reschedule.

Please provide 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can cancel your appointments online using MyChart but will need to reschedule by calling the  scheduling office at 905-883-1212 ext. 2004 from Richmond Hill or 905-417-2000 ext. 2004 from Vaughan.

Are you looking for a copy of your images?

Mackenzie Health has partnered with PocketHealth to give patients online access to view and share their images from our hospital and other participating organizations for free! This includes x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans and other medical imaging results.

Log in to your MyChart account to access your images and take advantage of additional features including eCheck-In, lab and test results, preparation instructions for upcoming appointments and more!

What are the benefits to accessing my images online?

By accessing your images online, you can:

  • Gain the knowledge you need to better understand your health.
  • Get personalized insights and preventative health screening tools.
  • View your imaging records online on any device.
  • Share your records with anyone in just a few clicks.

To learn more, please visit the MyChart FAQs section of our website.

How do I sign up to access my images?

  1. Log into your MyChart account, visit the Test Results page and follow the link to our partner site, PocketHealth, to access your images.
  2. Once your records are ready to view, you’ll receive an email from PocketHealth with a secure link.
  3. Instantly download or share your records.
  4. Receiving physicians can then easily view or import these images in full diagnostic quality with no software or account set-up needed.


What will I have online access to?

If you sign up for MyChart, you will have online access to:

  • Check in online 7 days prior to your next appointment using our eCheck-In* service
  • View past and upcoming appointments
  • View preparation instructions for upcoming appointments
  • Complete pre-visit questionnaires*
  • Cancel appointments*
  • Update your demographics at any time (includes address, phone number, family physician, and more)
  • View lab and test results
  • View and share Diagnostic images including X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans and more
  • Clinical notes on your care and treatment
  • Track your health*
  • Access your list of conditions or medical concerns diagnosed at Mackenzie Health as well as your prescribed medications and known allergies

*Available for select clinics

You can register for MyChart when scheduling an appointment or you can self-sign up online at

How do I complete a pre-visit questionnaire?

Questionnaires can be accessed in MyChart through the Health Tab then clicking on Questionnaires. Here you will see a list of questionnaires to be completed along with their due dates, which is typically the date of your upcoming appointment.

If your appointment is at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital:

  • You may park in one of the visitors parking lots (North or South) and make your way to the C-Wing or D-Wing entrance.
  • Please allow yourself extra time during peak hours, as finding parking can take longer than expected. If possible, consider taking public transit, or getting dropped off by a family member or friend.

If your appointment is at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital:

  • You may park in the visitor parking lots at the west of the building. 
  • Access to the hospital is through the Main Entrance at the south side of the building (6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.) or through the west of the hospital (24/7 access). Drop-off  and pick-up is available at both entrances.

View more information on parking services.

Once inside the hospital, please check in at Patient Registration using our self-serve kiosks. 

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