Beyond Work

Young man and woman in scrubs walking through forest

As we walk through the halls of the hospital, you will see posters and pamphlets calling out for staff, physicians and volunteers to join in on upcoming opportunities - yoga classes, guest speakers, lunch 'n learns, workshops and cultural events. Through our many programs, we strive to make our diverse team feel welcome, included and supported during their career at Mackenzie Health. Everything is optional and open to everyone.

For each individual, there are many perks and benefits that make Mackenzie Health the ultimate choice. With competitive compensation, health and dental plans, vacation package, wellness programs and on-site child care, you will be well supported to have the career you've always wanted. We also offer exclusive access to various discounted products and services through Perkopolis, on-site massages and GoodLife fitness memberships, so you can take charge of your health.

While we could talk all day about the benefits of our program and how it can help enhance your professional skills, manage stress, make healthier choices and create a better work-life balance, we'll leave that for you to discover when you're ready: