Mother and Baby Care

Welcome to the Woman & Child Program at Mackenzie Health. 

We are pleased that you have decided to have your baby at our hospital.

Pre and Post Natal classes are available.

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The focus of our care is to recognize your expectations and promote an excellent birth experience for you and your family. We encourage you to take an active role in your care. As a new parent eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new baby, you may find there is a lot to learn and remember. We invite you to review the directions and reference materials provided to you. We also encourage you to discuss your care, and any questions you may have, with your healthcare team.

Mackenzie Health is pleased to provide several resources to support mothers and families both before and after the birth of their baby. Click below to access more comprehensive information related to the different stages of your birth experience. You can view our comprehensive Mother and Baby Education Guide or visit individual links found below.

We are happy to provide an online registration process for all our expecting mothers via MyChart. Through MyChart, you will be able to access all appointment information, education materials and more for both you and your baby (once your baby arrives). More information on how to register can be found below under the Register for My Delivery section.

Register for My Delivery

All patients will be required to complete the online registration process as soon as possible to ensure your clinical team has the information they need for your delivery.

Your Obstetrician or Midwife's office will have provided you with a postcard detailing how to complete your registration online. We are happy to also provide these instructions here for you as well.

To complete your registration, you will need to:

  1. Log in or sign up at
  2. Once logged in, from the Visits menu, select Register for My Delivery and follow the prompts
  3. 60 days (or 2 months) before your due date, log back in and an eCheck-in button will appear for you to confirm some additional information including allergies and medications.

If you are scheduled for a C-Section, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Log in or sign up at
  2. Once logged in, from the Visits menu, select Appointments and Visits and select the Details button next to your upcoming C-Section to:
    • Review appointment details
    • Download and review your Mother and Baby Education Guide
    • Complete your Obstetrical Registration and History Questionnaires
  3. From the Profile menu, update your Demographics and Family Physician information
  4. From the Health menu, review and update your Allergies and Medications on file at Mackenzie Health
  5. From the Billing menu, review and update your OHIP, secondary insurance and select your room preference.

Additional Resources

MyChart FAQs

Preparing for Birth

To learn more about how to prepare for your birth. This information will include:

  • What to Bring to the Hospital
  • Visitor Guidelines
  • About Mackenzie Health
  • Family-Centred Care
  • Discharge Planning and Length of Stay

Pre and Post Natal Classes

Mackenzie Health offers classes to help you prepare for everything from giving birth to caring for yourself and your baby in the weeks after delivery. This includes classes that help you prepare for delivery, including how to choose the best pain management option and give you a better understanding about how you may be induced to classes that teach you what to expect once you leave the hospital, including how to feed your baby, the benefits of breastfeeding, aftercare for mom and how to monitor baby's health. Keep reading for more comprehensive information on the classes offered and how to sign up.

Having Your Baby

Download the PDF about having your baby and what to expect during delivery. This information will include:

  • Arriving at Mackenzie Health
  • Signs of Labour and What to Expect
  • Pain Management in Labour
  • Skin-to-Skin Contact

Once your baby has been delivered, you will be transferred to our Mother and Baby Unit where you and your family will get to know your baby with support from your nursing team and learn to independently care for yourselves and your new baby in preparation of going home. Learn more about what to expect during your stay by clicking here. This information includes:

  • Your Postpartum Stay
  • Accommodations
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Circumcision
  • Infant Hearing Program
  • Jaundice
  • Newborn Screening

Learn more about what to expect once you leave the hospital by clicking here. This information includes:

  • Postpartum Care
  • Exercise Guidelines
  • Emotions and Sexual Activity
  • Feeding your Baby
  • Baby Care at Home
  • Baby Care Follow Ups
  • Registering your Baby's Birth

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This information is not intended to replace advice given to you by your health care provider. Make sure you discuss any questions you have with your health care provider.