Public Washrooms

This page will provide you with information regarding our restrooms such as where they are located and accessibility information.

Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital

Public washrooms are located throughout the hospital, including:


  • Level 1 (street level), outside the Atrium


  • Level 2 (main floor), beside Chemotherapy and Medical Day unit


  • Level 2 (main floor), beside Patient Registration
  • Level 3 elevator lobby 
  • Level 4 elevator lobby
  • Level 4 elevator lobby 


  • Level 1 by the Berwick Family Auditorium
  • Level 2 (main floor), just inside Emergency Department waiting area

In the main lobbies, accessible washrooms are located on: 

  • Level 1 of A-wing
  • Level 2 (main floor) of B-wing, beside Chemotherapy and Medical Day unit
  • Level 2 (main floor) of D-wing, just inside the Emergency Department waiting area


Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

Accessible and sabbath washrooms are located throughout the facility on every floor.

Enhanced washrooms, with special floor-mounted, bariatric-friendly toilets that can accommodate individuals who need the support, are located on:

  • Level 0 near the entrance to the Parklink
  • Level 1 near the Vic De Zen Family Welcome Centre
  • Level 4 within the NICU

Universal washrooms with additional accessible features, including accommodation for a larger turning radius for scooters and adult changing tables are located on: 

  • Level 0 near the cafeteria
  • Level 1 near the west entrance
  • Level 2 outside the Critical Care family waiting area
  • Levels 6, 7 and 8 east of the public elevators (these washrooms also have double fold-down grab bars)