Wi-Fi, TVs and Phones

Mackenzie Health wants to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible when visiting our hospital. Please see below for more information on the ways that you can stay comfortable, connected and entertained while visiting with us. 

Wi-Fi, TVs and Phones

Mackenzie Health offers convenient all-inclusive entertainment, telephone-only and Wi-Fi packages for patients.

All-inclusive entertainment packages include television, local telephone, electronic books and online games. These services are available on a tablet which is attached to an over bed table in each patient room.

Wi-Fi is also available for purchase for patients and visitors wanting to stay connected using their personal device.

Head sets are available by request at the nursing station.

Patient entertainment packages can be purchased for use on the tablet located in patient rooms.

All-inclusive entertainment packages include access to on-line games, local telephone, television and web/internet. Please use the tablet to activate and pay for this service using VISA or MasterCard.

All-Inclusive Entertainment Package Rates:

24 hours: $15

3 days: $35

7 days: $75

30 days: $175

All prices are subject to applicable taxes, and may change without notice. Services are non-refundable.

Follow the steps below to connect to and pay for Wi-Fi from a personal laptop or other wireless device:

  1. Ensure that the wireless adapter is connected and enabled on your wireless device.
  2. Connect to SSID "MHGuest".
  3. Open your web browser, and type in any website URL.
  4. Pick a rate plan, register (you can pay by Visa or MasterCard) and enjoy.

Wi-Fi-Only Rate Plans:

4 hours: $4.95

24 hours: $10.95

3 days: $18.95

7 days: $27.95

30 days: $46.95

All prices are subject to applicable taxes, and may change without notice. Services are non-refundable.

Telephone services are available at both Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital at no cost and can be accessed through your room’s tablet for local calls only.

A portion of all revenue generated is returned to Mackenzie Health.