Reactivation Care Centre

The Reactivation Care Centre is one of Mackenzie Health’s community-based locations aimed at increasing bed capacity and addressing the demands of our growing community.

What is the Reactivation Care Centre?

The Reactivation Care Centre is a collaborative between multiple hospitals in the region to help ensure patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. It is a separate physical location where patients, who no longer need the intensity of services provided in the hospital,  benefit from a restorative environment while they wait for their discharge destination, such as community care, retirement home, etc. 

Why was the Reactivation Care Centre created?

Many patients in hospital no longer require acute medical services and are waiting for an alternate level of care or require complex continuing care and rehabilitation. This results in a shortage of beds and patients receiving care in unconventional spaces like auditoriums and hallways. The Reactivation Care Centre ensures our patients receive care in the most appropriate setting.

How are patients selected to be transferred to the Reactivation Care Centre?

Special consideration will be given to the patient selection process, to ensure that only those patients whose needs will be met at the Reactivation Care Centre are transferred. The Reactivation Care Centre is one of the options patients, who no longer require hospital care, can choose from (i.e. home, rehabilitation program, etc).

At the Reactivation Care Centre, patients currently being cared for in acute settings will have access to specialized, focused care and attention.

  • A newly renovated facility that is a quiet, peaceful place for therapy and rehabilitation, unlike an acute care hospital
  • Specialized activation therapies in a setting designed to focus on the needs of the patient and support transition to home or long-term care
  • Private or semi-private rooms allow 24/7 visiting hours
  • Well-lit, secure parking ($5/day or $45 for 15 visits)
  • Free TV and Phone services in patient rooms; Wi-Fi not included
  • Option to have meals in dining room to encourage mobility and social interaction

Community-based location (Reactivation Care Centre)
2111 Finch Avenue West, Toronto
Floors: 3 and 4
Toronto, ON M2N 1N1

Questions? Please contact Patient Relations at 905-883-1212 or 905-832-4554 , ext. 7494 or

The Reactivation Care Centre does not have an Emergency Department. For emergencies, please call 911.

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