Reactivation Care Centre

The Reactivation Care Centre is one of Mackenzie Health’s community-based locations aimed at increasing bed capacity and addressing the demands of our growing community.

The Mackenzie Health Reactivation Care Centre is an extension of Mackenzie Health’s two hospital sites. It is located at 2111 Finch Avenue in North York, only 13 km from Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital and 21 km from Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital. 

Patients who no longer need acute care resources will be transferred to the RCC free of charge.  

The RCC offers several levels of care:

  • High-intensity rehabilitation
  • Complex continuing care (CCC)
  • Alternate Level of Care (ALC – awaiting placement)

Being transferred to the RCC ensures seamless care from acute care to post-acute care. Medical records are shared between Mackenzie Health sites and the RCC can facilitate appropriate follow-up specialist appointments at either hospital.

You and your family are key members of the team. We recognize your right to be involved and make informed decisions about your care.

Your interdisciplinary team includes: attending physician, physiatrist, nurse practitioner, nurse educator, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, therapy assistant, recreational therapist, music therapist, complementary therapist, speech language pathologist, dietician, social worker, patient care coordinator and pharmacist.

We provide specialized, goal-oriented and personalized rehabilitation, based on the patient needs, improving the lives of adults recovering from injury or illness. Active participation is critical.

We provide goal-oriented individual therapy sessions, 45-60 mins per day, five to seven times per week that focus on improving mobility and activities of daily living to help patients return home and reintegrate into their lives. Group classes may also be offered.

For patients who are designated as ALC or CCC (not high-intensity rehabilitation), you can expect 30 minutes of therapy, three to five times per week.

Based on the goals you set with the therapy team, you will be expected to actively participate in therapy sessions and your own self-care. You will also be given exercises to do between therapy sessions.

Patients should bring their own footwear, clothing and personal care items.

Reactivation Care Centre
2111 Finch Avenue West - floors 3 and 4
Toronto, ON M3N 1N1

Phone: 905-883-1212 (3rd floor: ext. 4848; 4th floor: ext. 4282)

For any questions or concerns about your care, please contact Patient Relations at 905-883-1212, ext. 7494 or

The Reactivation Care Centre does not have an Emergency Department. For emergencies, please call 911.

For more information, visit