We have various initiatives surrounding inclusion and diversity. You can find more information below.

Resources and Programs

The Inclusion and Diversity Program works to ensure that all members of our community are provided the support to be heard. With an abundance of resources and programs to empower our community, we can work together to help each other grow. Here are some initiatives to be on the lookout for:

Mackenzie Health launched a second language service provider – Voyce – to support video language interpretation services as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the patient experience. The new application offers our patients and staff access to more than 300 languages and dialects so that we can communicate more effectively when English is not the patient's first language, utilizing the services of interpreters in real-time. In addition, this provider also meets AODA requirements with interpreters able to provide several Sign Language dialects. Voyce will help us improve the communication options between health care providers and patients, further enhancing patient outcomes, experience and satisfaction.

The Inclusion Charter for York Region is a community initiative that brings together businesses, community organizations, municipalities, police services, hospitals, school boards, conservation authorities and agencies with a common commitment to create an inclusive environment with equality for all who work, live and play here. Together, our organizations share the vision of York Region as a welcoming and inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and where everyone can develop to their full potential, participate freely in society and live with respect, dignity and freedom from discrimination.

Learn more about Mackenzie Health's commitment to the York Region Inclusion Charter.

Join us every June as we celebrate Pride Month at Mackenzie Health by raising the inclusive Pride Flag and exposing staff to various learning opportunities to support inclusion for our sexual and gender diverse communities.

Mackenzie Health is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for everyone who comes through our doors, and part of that means recognizing the land we are privileged to work on and expressing our gratitude and appreciation to those who came before us and who continue to call these lands home.  We have placed a plaque at both sites and read our land acknowledgement at gatherings.

Staff, physicians, and volunteers of Mackenzie Health will make every reasonable effort to accommodate requests for smudging/cleansing ceremonies in a timely manner.  The Spiritual Care Department will be consulted when requests for smudging are received by staff and will work with appropriate departments to determine how best to accommodate the request.

At Mackenzie Health, we want everyone to feel included and respected. One way to cultivate a culture of inclusion is by being thoughtful of the language we use when referring to or speaking with people. Being clear about our preferred pronoun is a way to do this.

Mackenzie Health is committed to fostering a workplace environment that places the utmost priority on respect for human dignity and upholds a positive and healthy environment for all staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, visitors, and partners. 

This Kudos award is awarded to individuals and teams that make outstanding contributions to support and care for our diverse and growing communities. By ensuring everyone around them is provided respect and fair access to services, these members are key to keeping Mackenzie Health a welcoming place to be. Nominees are accountable for their own behaviour and build partnerships with their colleagues to collaborate and work together.

Mackenzie Health is committed to building and fostering an inclusive workplace which values diversity and encourages respect for dignity, beliefs and ideas consistent with the principles outlined in the Ontario Human Rights Code (the "Code"), and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Mackenzie Health recognizes the value of identifying and removing barriers and promoting inclusion in the workplace.