We have various initiatives surrounding inclusion and diversity. You can find more information below.

Resources and Programs

The Inclusion and Diversity Program works to ensure that all members of our community are provided the support to be heard. With an abundance of resources and programs to empower our community, we can work together to help each other grow. Here are some initiatives to be on the lookout for:

More than 100 languages are spoken within the Mackenzie Health community. With the new interpreter program, we will ensure that the reliable and high-quality service is available 24/7 to provide excellent care for every patient, every time. The program will:

  • Translate key policies, brochures and information into key languages to remove barriers for patients and their families.
  • Ensure "Comfort and Support" services are available through volunteer interpreters.
  • Support patient language needs through licensed interpreter services.

The Inclusion Charter for York Region is a community initiative that brings together businesses, community organizations, municipalities, police services, hospitals, school boards, conservation authorities and agencies with a common commitment to create an inclusive environment with equality for all who work, live and play here. Together, our organizations share the vision of York Region as a welcoming and inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and where everyone can develop to their full potential, participate freely in society and live with respect, dignity and freedom from discrimination.

Learn more about Mackenzie Health's commitment to the York Region Inclusion Charter.