Wellness Programming

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Wellness Programming

Staff have the opportunity to customize their own wellness journey based on their needs and goals by choosing to take part in fitness initiatives, social events, mindfulness workshops or even massage therapy sessions. 

Upcoming wellness programming can be found on the Learning and Wellness Academy Calendar and in Mackenzie Health This Week. Links for upcoming events are also added to staff’s mail calendar. 

Some of our wellness programming can be found below. For more information, please contact wellness@mackenziehealth.ca. 

Art Therapy 

Explore your creative side through visual and creative arts. Sessions include drawing, painting, sculpture, clay modeling and a variety of other creative outlets. It uses both artistic and therapeutic techniques so you can express yourself through your work. 

Dog Therapy 

The therapy dog drop-in program provides an opportunity for you to feel, touch, pet and cuddle a therapy dog.  

Farmer’s Market 

During the summer months, enjoy local fresh fruit, vegetables and baked goods!  

Fitness Class Schedule 

The fitness class schedule can be found on the Learning and Wellness Academy Calendar. 

Massage Therapy 

Massages help release muscle tension and stress. Whether you are struggling with an injury or just looking for a way to relax, take a break with head and neck massages. The massage therapist offers 10–15-minute-long massages to each department. Your manager will let you know when they will be in your department and provide you with a sign-up sheet to book your slot. 

Meditation Workshop 

Meditation can help decrease stress, lower blood pressure and positively impact your sleep, chronic pain and tension headaches. 

Mindfulness Workshop 

This workshop is designed to help you see things clearly and live moment to moment. Being able to focus on the present allows you to respond considerately to problems, handle stressful situations more effectively, and improve your overall physical, emotional and social health. 

Stretch Break Program 

Looking for a way to increase energy, prevent injury, decrease muscle tension and boost your mood? Join a virtual stretch break to feel energized! 

Wellness Workshops 

Internal and external vendors are brought in who focus on improving health through fitness, nutrition, disease prevention and de-stressing. Learn tips from various experts in the field to help you move forward on your wellness journey.