Mackenzie Health has fostered a number of partnership to help deliver the ultimate in health care to patients in the community.

August 2020

With a goal to advancing our smart hospital vision, Mackenzie Health and Philips have partnered in a comprehensive managed equipment services agreement that will enable expanded access to quality care and improved patient outcomes in the community.

The 18-year partnership began in April 2016 and will advance Mackenzie Health’s medical technology procurement and maintenance programs for the existing Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and the new Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital – Canada’s first smart hospital.

Mackenzie Health, in partnership with health care technology leader Philips, became one of the first hospitals in Canada recently to implement a new digital pathology platform designed to help diagnose patients quicker and ultimately improve care.

With the implementation of Philips’ IntelliSite pathology platform, Mackenzie Health aims to enhance lab performance, increase access to specialists and improve diagnosis time.

“Digitizing pathology is an exciting opportunity for Mackenzie Health to not only enhance our workflow, but provide our patients with access to a wide range of experts who are available to consult with our team much faster than ever before,” said Richard Tam, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Mackenzie Health.

Prior to introducing this digital pathology platform, physical samples at Mackenzie Health had to be couriered to outside experts in the event a consultation was required. This could mean days before a sample would be received and even longer before a diagnosis could be made.

“By connecting digitally in this way, we’ll be able to pull a sample up on a screen and have a team of experts view it within hours and not days so that our patients get a diagnosis faster,” added Tam.

Although Mackenzie Health is currently in its adoption phase, at its maturity, this digital platform will enable Mackenzie Health pathologists to more efficiently capture, manage, analyze and interpret digital information previously found on microscope slides, and can ultimately benefit patients by improving the quality and timeliness of diagnoses.

With Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital set to open in early 2021, Mackenzie Health partnered with Philips to advance its vision to create a seamless two-hospital model of care. The digital pathology platform launched at the existing Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital in April 2020.  

Once the new digital pathology platform is fully implemented, it will streamline diagnostic process, connect teams to maximize resources and unify patient data for more informed decision making.

With a shortage of pathologists across regions and projections of new cancer cases rising nearly 70 per cent within the next two decades, digital pathology can help diagnose more patients.1

“As a visionary leader and strategic partner, Mackenzie Health understands that part of patient care is finding solutions to make health care more seamless,” said Britta Lesaux, Managing Director of Philips Canada. “As early adopters in Canada of digital pathology for primary diagnosis, Mackenzie Health is committed to delivering on their vision of creating the best health experience possible for the people of southwest York Region.”

Making investments in technology goes hand in hand with a strategic vision and a talented team to help bring it to life. Mackenzie Health is happy to welcome Dr. Andrew Evans as the new Chief of Pathology and Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine. “Dr. Evans is a strong voice in the field and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and digital pathology expertise to lead our team at Mackenzie Health,” said Dr. Jackson, Vice President of Medical Planning and Chief of Staff at Mackenzie Health. “His academic ties and international affiliations along with his years of experience will be extremely valuable as we transition to more digital methods of delivering care.”

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