Accreditation Report

This page provides information on Mackenzie Heath’s Accreditation status. You can find more information below.

Accreditation is one of the most effective ways for health services organizations to regularly and consistently examine and improve the quality of their services. Health care organizations that participate in Accreditation Canada's Accreditation programs are evaluating their performance against national standards of excellence. These standards examine all aspects of health care, from patient safety and ethics, to staff training and partnering with the community. Health care staff devote time and resources to learn how to improve what they are doing so they can provide the best possible care and service to their patients and clients.

Organizations such as Mackenzie Health that participate in the Accreditation Canada's accreditation programs are those that care about patient safety and providing quality service. It means the organization was assessed by its peers, met or exceeded national standards of excellence, and continues to strive for high quality health care.

In December 2022, Accreditation Canada awarded Mackenzie Health Accreditation with Exemplary Standing under the sequential Accreditation program. Mackenzie Health uses a sequential model of Accreditation that requires multiple surveys within the Accreditation cycle. Accreditation with Exemplary Standing reflects our November 2022 on-site visit with the next survey scheduled for November 2023.