Learning & Wellness Academy

There are five distinct areas of the Academy for you to explore, which will have the tools and support to help you thrive at Mackenzie Health.

The Mackenzie Health Learning and Wellness Academy provides support to everyone on the Mackenzie Health team, including staff, physicians and volunteers, so you can continue learning, be at your happiest and healthiest, and reach your goals in a respectful, collaborative environment where diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds are valued.

With a multi-faceted and blended approach, such as diverse courses, webinars, seminars, wellness programs, workshops and events, we have opportunities to suit every part of your journey within our organization.

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity logoAt the core of Mackenzie Health is the community of staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and family members. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that is inclusive and diverse for the entire community. 

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Learning Moment

Learning moment logoWe recognize that learning takes place through various modalities. As such, the Mackenzie Health Learning Academy offers a variety of "Learning Moments" through non-traditional channels, including lunch 'n learns, speaker series', and email bulletins with links to MyLearning where a variety of articles, audio and videoclips with information and helpful tips.

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Academy - Wellness logo

Our wellness program provides countless possibilities to suit your journey to wellness. The Pursuit of Wellness is different for everyone, so whether it is the need to manage stress, make healthier food choices, balance work and personal demands, or all of the above, we have workshops and events that will be right for you.

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Academy - Learning logoOur learning programing consists of in-person and virtual opportunities (e.g. courses, and workshops and webinars), which provide individuals with tools and skills to further their personal and professional development, ultimately having a positive impact on Mackenzie Health's vision of creating a world-class health experience.

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