Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

This page will provide you with details about our mission regarding inclusion and diversity at Mackenzie Health and why this is important to us.

The Inclusion and Diversity Program is guided by the four key drivers below and addresses the barriers that affect our community, practices and services to ensure that everyone is provided with the support needed to succeed.

With the leaders and mentors of our organization, Mackenzie Health will ensure there are resources, timelines and commitments in place to support the program. The priority will be on promoting shared responsibility for the impact and effectiveness of the Inclusion and Diversity Program so our community can succeed. 

We aim to bring awareness, knowledge, and respect for diversity, equity and inclusion to Mackenzie Health through inspiring pride and fostering growth. Training and educational opportunities will ensure an encompassing workplace for our staff, physicians and volunteers, and a place of great care and compassion for our patients and their families.

Mackenzie Health is committed to transparent policies, procedures and practices across the organization and removing barriers that create inequity. We will foster two-way communication to ensure members of the community receive the resources they need and provide the ability to give important feedback on the program.

We will be looking to form and maintain partnerships within and outside of Mackenzie Health to better our Inclusion and Diversity Program. This could include forming partnerships with units, councils and programs within the hospital to make changes across the hospital or connecting with organizations and people in the community to promote innovation, growth and knowledge sharing.

With these four drivers and motivators, everyone can benefit from the resources and contribute to making Mackenzie Health a safe place.

Are you ready to get involved? Take a look at our Learning, Wellness & Inclusion Academy Calendar to see upcoming events and programs or reach out to the Inclusion and Diversity Program Committee to see what's next in the program.