Volunteer Association

The Mackenzie Health Volunteer Association is a self-governed organization that was established in 1962 to bring a hospital to Richmond Hill. 

Sixty years after the Mackenzie Health Volunteer Association was established, we continue to provide support to our membership, act as ambassadors for the Hospital, engage our community through special events and most importantly raise funds for necessary equipment. Over the last 60 years, we have raised over five million dollars for Mackenzie Health.

Donate towards the Volunteer Association Pledge

  • We own and operate the White Rose Gift Shop located in Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital
  • We operate the OLG desk in the White Rose Gift Shop
  • We organize a number of fundraising events (see below)
  • We contribute all proceeds to fulfill our pledge to raise funds in support of the hospital 
  • Through donations - Donate Now!
  • Raffles
  • Highschool outreach
  • Hearts
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping


Create a World-Class Hospital


Volunteer our services and fundraising skills to create healthier communities


Excellence, Leadership, Compassion

Guiding Principles

Collaborative, Accountable, Inclusive


Professional, Welcoming, Supportive