Mackenzie Health has always supported ethical practice in the provision of healthcare. We aim to live out the hospital's mission, vision and values in our everyday work.

As care possibilities become more complex, the decisions that must be made also become more complex.  The role of the Mackenzie Health Ethics Service is to integrate ethical standards and considerations into all facets of hospital function.

Ethics consultation is a service available to help resolve ethical issues that arise in the care of individual patients, and to assist with complex care decisions.  An ethics consultation can be requested by anyone involved in the patient's care, including the patient, family members of the patient, or members of the health care team.

Here are some examples of situations in which an ethics consultation can be helpful:

  • Disagreement between members of the patient's family about the appropriate care or discharge plan
  • Disagreement between the patient or members of the patient's family and the care team about the appropriate care or discharge plan
  • When difficult life and death decisions have to be made (e.g., inserting feeding tubes in patients with advanced dementia or withdrawing life support in the ICU)
  • Questions about medical assistance in dying
  • Questions or concerns about the consent process

Ethics consultation is provided by the Ethicist, Jonathan Breslin, PhD.  Jonathan is available on site 2.5 days/week.  You may request an ethics consultation through any of the following methods:

  • Ask the physician or other member of the health care team to contact the Ethicist
  • Contact the Ethicist directly at: