What to Bring

This page provides details on important items that you should bring with you when visiting the hospital.

When coming to the hospital, please bring the following items if possible:

  • Your Ontario Health Card
  • Medications you are taking in their original containers
  • A list of allergies
  • Your emergency contact numbers

To keep your belongings safe while in the hospital, please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not bring valuables, large amounts of cash, jewellery or electronic items (laptops or tablets)
  • There is no locking bedside cupboard for personal belongings and the hospital is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items
  • Please ensure your personal belongings are well labeled with your name and contact information
  • Bring your credit card information for purchasing items such as bedside TV, phone or preferred accommodations
  • Equipment costs or wound care supplies do not require cash and will be invoiced to you at home after discharge
  • Bring well-labeled containers for glasses, dentures and/or hearing aids