Patient Partners Program

We value the feedback from our patients, their families and caregivers. Through the Patient Partners Program, we have a group of dedicated individuals who partner and work collaboratively with Mackenzie Health staff to include the voice of patients, their families and caregivers in programs, services and plans for the future and to help enhance the patient experience.

We invite patients, family members and caregivers of patients who have received services at Mackenzie Health or any of our community-based locations within the last two years to apply to become a volunteer with the Patient Partners Program. By sharing unique experiences and perspectives, Patient Partners will contribute to making a positive difference in the care experience.

Apply using the Patient Partners Program Application

To learn more about the Patient Partners Program

Call us at: 905-883-1212 (from Richmond Hill) or 905-832-4554 (from Vaughan) x7494

Patient Partners are community members including patients, family members of patients and caregivers of patients who work together with our staff and physicians to enhance the care experience from the perspective of the patient, family and caregiver.

Mackenzie Health continuously strives to enhance the patient and family experience, while also planning to better meet the future health care needs of our community. Patient Partners help enable the patient voice to be heard in a consistent and structured way to guide decisions on care improvements.

By considering the patient care experience from many different perspectives, Mackenzie Health adapts current and future practices to be more inclusive and truly create a world-class health experience for all patients and their families.

Mackenzie Health is looking for patients, their family members or caregivers who have received services at the hospital or one of our community-based locations within the last two years. We are seeking individuals who are willing to share their care experiences and provide insight on opportunities for improvement to help the hospital transform the patient care experience. Apply using the Patient Partners Program Application.

  • Committed and passionate about enhancing the health care experience at Mackenzie Health;
  • Willing to share insights and information about their experiences in ways that can help improve the patient experience across the organization;
  • Good listeners, comfortable and enjoy working with others to develop new ideas;
  • Respectful of diversity and differing perspectives;
  • Able to see beyond his/her own personal experiences and demonstrates an interest in more than one issue or agenda;
  • Able to maintain confidentiality of patient and organizational information;
  • Positive and supportive of the mission, vision and values of Mackenzie Health;
  • Able to make the time commitment required, and
  • Comfortable communicating in English.
  • Apply using the Patient Partners Program Application
  • Applications will be received and applicants will be interviewed to establish a good mix of representation including patients, family members and caregivers of patients who have received care at Mackenzie Health within the past two years.
  • Orientation and onboarding process;
  • Complimentary parking for any activities related to the Patient Partners Program;
  • Meaningful experience that makes a difference in how care is provided at Mackenzie Health.

Patient Partners help us identify and create more opportunities for patients, family members and caregivers from our community to get involved. Our aim is to continue to partner with you in a variety of ways and achieve our goal of embedding the patient voice in all of our planning. Please keep checking back for information about new opportunities to participate.