Behavioural Services

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Behavioural Services

Overseen by a Registered Behaviour Analyst, our behavioural services team works with individuals with a developmental disability in York Region or Simcoe County. In this program service delivery is matched to needs and may be provided through individual and/or group support. Following a behaviour assessment, a behaviour support plan is created that includes prevention, skill building and intervention strategies. Specific skills are taught by training mediators and caregivers to implement the strategies provided.

To be eligible, children and adults must have a developmental disability with a significant cognitive delay who exhibits challenging behaviour that is interfering with their ability to participate in daily living activities. Service is available to individuals living within York Region or Simcoe County.

To refer a child living in York Region, contact 905-773-2362 or 1-888-557-5550.

To refer a child living in Simcoe County, contact 705-728-9143 or 1-888-577-6955.

For adults in both York Region and Simcoe County, please contact Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) at 1-855-277-2121.