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Tools for the Assessment of Levels of Knowledge (TALK)

The TALK Tool Series was developed in collaboration with Mackenzie Health, Vita Community Living, Hands, and Toronto General Hospital. These tools have been designed to assess the level of knowledge persons with intellectual disabilities have within specific areas. The primary purpose of the tools is to provide a mechanism for people to identify areas of learning and skill that may be required in order to assist people to safely achieve their goals, and in turn, increase their quality of life. It is important to stress that these tools should only be used if there is a clear commitment on the part of the organization or individual who is administering the assessment to provide education, support, and adaptation as needed in a timely fashion.

The TALK-HA-R assessment is designed to help with the decision-making process, as people move towards their goal of independence.  The tool considers a variety of different skills that are necessary for someone to be able to stay home alone safely. It should be noted that this tool is not exhaustive regarding potential risks. The assessment is broken into two main parts, including a structured interview with the person being assessed, and a structured interview with support providers. This tool can be administered by direct support professionals, program supervisors, and for review by senior management within an organization.  It can also be used by families wishing to provide either home alone time, or appropriate teaching, or training for their child in preparation for further independence.

The TALK-SC-R assessment is designed to assess an individual’s level of knowledge regarding sexuality, relationships, and consent. This tool can be used as a pre- and post-assessment measure for people participating in relationship education, or sexual education programs, or as a tool to determine an individual’s ability to give informed consent to sexual behaviour.  It is imperative that the implementation of this tool help to support a path forward for individuals to either build healthy relationships, and/or gain specific education related to sexuality, consent, and relationships. The intention is to help individuals achieve their relationship goals. The TALK-SC-R was developed for use with people with intellectual disabilities who have reached the age where consent to sexual behaviour is possible. It is, therefore, only to be administered to those at the age of consent or older. This tool is to be administered by a trained sexual health educator, group facilitators, or clinician.

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