Kudos Awards

Our Mackenzie Health team works hard to provide a world-class health experience for our patients, and the Kudos Awards are our way of recognizing the outstanding achievement, hard work and teamwork everyone exhibits every day on the job.

Whether it is through interacting with colleagues, volunteers, patients, or family members, each individual plays an important role. The Kudos Awards are about taking a moment to reflect on those contributions that make Mackenzie Health such a welcoming environment and create an exceptional experience. When we say people come first, we mean it. By letting someone know that their hard work and commitment is appreciated, we are putting each other first to create a stronger, happier team.

If you work here, are a patient or are just visiting, share positivity and give Kudos.

On the Spot Kudos

On the Spot Kudos are for those times that Mackenzie Health team members make a great contribution or provide a supportive moment on a tough day and you want to share your appreciation in the moment and right away. Recognizing each other's achievements and contributions is an important part of the Mackenzie Health culture.

Ready to give kudos? Go to On the Spot Kudos to get access to everything you need to share immediate kudos.

Annual Kudos

Our annual awards celebrate individuals and teams that work hard to make a positive impact. We are working to create a world-class health experience, and every member of our team is part of that vision. Our six awards focus on individuals and teams that showcase Mackenzie Health's defined values, guiding principles, and character traits.

Ready to learn more? Check out the Annual Kudos Awards.

If you have any questions about the Kudos Awards program, you can contact a member of the Learning and Organizational Development team by calling 905 883-1212 ext. 7952 or email kudos@mackenziehealth.ca.