Childcare and Early Learning Centre

Welcome to the Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre, caring for children ages 12 months up to six years.

For over 25 years, the Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre has provided innovative childcare services and early education to children in Richmond Hill and the surrounding community. We pride ourselves on offering safe, convenient and reliable childcare.

We strive to foster a positive sense of self, well-being and healthy development in every child. Children will thrive in environments that value their individuality and recognize evolving and emerging abilities. It is our goal that all children, parents, and staff will be actively engaged and experience a sense of well-being and belonging, free to express their ideas and perspectives in meaningful ways.

Our commitment to you: We will provide excellence in quality child and family centered early education and collaborate with community services to best meet the needs of our community.

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Large group of kids sitting on a mat listening to a story tellerWe are licensed by the Ministry of Education and adhere to the legislative requirements of the Ontario Child Care & Early Years Act. At the Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre, we implement the Ontario Early Learning Framework ‘How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years’, ‘Early Learning for Every Child Today’, and ‘Think, Feel Act: Lessons from Research About Young Children’. Learn more about this framework. We also follow the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) Continuum of Development from birth through school age that describes predictable sequences of development within the very broad and inter-connected domains of social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical development. Get more information about ELECT.

We are:

  • Guided by Mackenzie Health’s mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities
  • Collaborative with community services to provide expert and compassionate childcare and early education
  • Open, honest and accountable

Our team

Large group of kids sitting on a mat listening to a story teller

Located within Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, we abide by the College of Early Childhood of Educators’ Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice. Everyone with direct contact with children undergoes a criminal reference-vulnerable sector screening before beginning work or volunteer service. All childcare centre employees have a valid certificate in standard first aid, including infant and child CPR, issued by a training agency recognized by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre employees have completed a health assessment before commencing employment and received immunization. Our program staff are registered members of the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators and/or registered members of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Our philosophy

At its inception in 1991, the Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Education Centre served as one initiative of the Employment Equity Committee which explored concepts around work and family policies. At present, the notion of work and family balance is increasingly relevant as families are challenged by competing demands on all fronts.

It is recognized that parents are the experts and the primary and most powerful influence of their children. Childcare services support parents in this role. Learn more about our philosophy in our parent handbook.

Our goal

Two children looking at objects through magnifying glasses

The goal of Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre is to provide high quality childcare and early education to children in Richmond Hill and surrounding community. The centre focuses on fulfilling the Ontario Ministry of Education’s purpose of “supporting the development of strategies, dispositions and skills for lifelong learning through play and inquiry.”

What makes us unique

A very special feature of our centre is our ability to offer special intergenerational programming to the children within the childcare centre and residents of Mackenzie Health’s Long-Term Care Centre. These enriching experiences between seniors and children provide opportunities for positive and respectful interactions and helps encourage a sense of community. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is subject to change.

Kids playing outsideMackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre serves children from ages 12 months to six years of age. We are proud to offer services for children with unique developmental/exceptionalities in the community. The ability to accommodate children is based on the nature of the need, the childcare services and available community resources and support services.

Both full-time and part-time childcare is available:

  • Full-time care: Available on an enrolment basis. The full-time monthly fee is applied to children registered five days/week and the monthly rate is calculated for working days, Monday-Friday, regardless of attendance.
  • Part-time care: Children may be enrolled specific days of the week. Part-time enrolment is based on two or three days per week. Scheduled days are offered on an enrolment basis and parents are responsible for payment, regardless of attendance.

Note: There is no credit for illness, holidays or absent days. Parents are required to pay for statutory holidays (for parents of part-time children, only on scheduled days). Parents and families may sign up for a waiting list and will be contacted when spots become available.

The experience

Group of children in a childcare room with a teacherAs the child enters the playroom, they are greeted by an educator and given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and discovery centres that have been prepared to promote exploration, play and inquiry.

The environment, its contents and its accessibility play an integral role in the learning process. Within the classroom learning environment, activities and discovery centres evolve according to the needs and interests of the children.

The learning environment must also maintain a sense of familiarity in order to provide the security and comfort required by the young learner. Discovery centres are arranged to provide an organized set of developmental materials which challenge the child’s skill levels and emerging abilities.

An educator is always nearby to observe the child’s self-initiated activity and to be a co-learner in the experience. The educator becomes involved in the activity to lend support, challenge thinking and to extend inquiry-based learning.

Our classroom

Showcasing one of the childcare centre rooms, furniture and toysStaff at Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre design the classroom environment for both indoors and outdoors to inspire children’s desire to use their natural curiosity to explore their world around them. Our program focuses on building healthy relationships and frequent communication with parents to build on the knowledge of each child. We also help build the foundation for the essential developmental stages and provide opportunities and choices throughout the child’s day, in order to support them in learning and development.

Outdoor and indoor time

Children playing in the playground area outsideOutdoor active play provides an extension for active engagement of classroom concepts and is an integral part of the program. The children participate in this activity on a daily basis. During the fall/winter season, the children go outside late morning when the temperature is warmer. In the summer, early morning and late afternoon time is appropriate in order to avoid the heat and sun. The program schedule times of playroom discovery and outdoor active play are interchangeable according to weather conditions.

Hospital Learning Opportunities & Activities Off Premises

On-site hospital service areas offer additional “third teacher” learning opportunities for the children. Areas such as the mailroom, food services, pharmacy etc. are excellent sources of interest to the young learner. These excursions are well planned, considering potential learning outcomes based on curriculum or may be an opportunity to participate in a specific hospital event or interest. These opportunities contribute to the child’s sense of belonging within our wider hospital community. Parents will be notified in advance regarding specific activities. All activities will be limited to the premises of Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill, as per the signed consent form required at registration. Any neighbourhood walks indicated on the consent form refer to the municipal sidewalk areas around the periphery of the hospital property. Preference will be confined to hospital grounds, however at times when the hospital premises can be quite busy, the municipal sidewalk may be utilized for safety reasons. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, excursions around the hospital are on hold until further notice.


Listed below is the current fee schedule. Fees are subject to review in order to reflect the program costs of our non-profit centre.

For full-time care, fees can be paid in one or two payments on the dates listed on the bottom of our booking form. It must be submitted to the centre by the first day of every month.

  • Children ages 12 – 30 months (toddler care)
    $57.00/day (multiplied by the number of operational days per month plus statutory holidays)
  • Children ages 30 months – 6 years (pre-school care – if toilet trained)
    $50.00/day (multiplied by the number of operational days per month plus statutory holidays)

For part-time care, parents are required to pay for all scheduled days of care as well as any statutory holidays which fall on a scheduled day, regardless of attendance.

  • Children ages 12 – 30 months (toddler care)
  • Children ages 30 months – 6 years (pre-school care – if toilet trained)

Wait list

There are times when we may not have space for additional children, in which case we encourage parents to sign their child up for our wait list. Once your child is officially offered a secure space in the childcare centre, and if you choose to accept it, you will be required to pay an enrollment fee of $200.00, which will be applied to your child’s fee for the first month of attendance.

Thank you for your interest in Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre. For questions, please contact Louise Dinunzio, Manager, Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre at 905-883-1212, ext.3996 or by email at


Mackenzie Health Childcare and Early Learning Centre
10 Trench Street
Richmond Hill
Mackenzie Health Hospital, A-Wing, Level 1

Hours of Operation:

7:15 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, 12 months a year, except for the observance of all statutory holidays and a planned closure period during the Christmas period.